We are active neghbours of Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow, as well as activists of the local initiatives Lause bleibt, GloReiche Nachbarschaft and Bizim Kiez who want to make the protest against Google visible. Online and offline.

GloReiche Nachbarschaft

GloReiche Nachbarschaft. For a socially valuable city and against displacement of tenants and small businesses. For the preservation of the Berlin mixture of living and working in urban areas.

Lause bleibt


The Building in Lausitzer Street 10+11 are planned to be sold. The many tenants, NGO’s, project-spaces and small businesses occupying the building are active against displacement and gentrification, for a cohabitation in solidarity.

Bizim Kiez


Bizim Kiez is a neighborhood-initiative that formed in 2015, which is active against displacement and for city-development by the society of the city.


Working-group „Cuvryspree“ of Bizim Kiez


Active against the construction project on the Cuvry-fallow: two eight-story office-buildings that will prevent access to the banks of the Spree (river running through Berlin).

Netzwerk Selbsthilfe

A political support-fund, financed through membership-fees and donations, supporting refugees, an alternative youth-culture, collective social structures, autonomous housing projects, and acting against right-wing extremism, social cuts and the restructuring of the city for the wealthy - all that without state-institutions, self-organized and independent.


Hosting this website is being financed by Netzwerk Selbsthilfe.